• One-on-one tutoring & mentoring for youth & adolescents
  • Executive function & life skills training
  • Mindfulness & stress reduction practices for teens
  • Coming Soon! Parenting classes including Love & Logic®
  • Events covering relevant family topics

Who we serve

  • Pre-teens and teens that are struggling and stressing through school
  • Families who need an opportunity to re-connect and understand one another
  • Pre-teens and teens that are suffering from low self-esteem due to learning challenges or other insecurities
  • Parents who want quality resources on how to handle relevant issues families face today



Adolescence is a hard stage. It can be equally difficult for the family. Teens face an increased work load at school, changing social structures, and the process of finding themselves. When there is a challenge that blocks the management of these things, such as anxiety or lack of executive function skills, it can lead to misunderstandings and stress at home and a decrease in success and performance at school.

We can help this change.

"Helping families learn to navigate their adolescent's unique pathway to learning."