Helping families learn to navigate their adolescent's unique pathway to learning.

The FAY Center is a coaching and resource center helping Walworth County families connect, learn, and thrive

Is the FAY Center right for your family?

  • Does your child experience stress and anxiety at school or socially?
  • Is your family experiencing difficulty in relationships because things aren't changing no matter what you do?
  • Is your adolescent having difficulty getting homework completed?
  • Does your teen seem unfocused and undirected?
  • Are you feeling misunderstood by your teen and vice versa? 
  • Is your child's self esteem effected by success at school or social interactions?

We can help this change. 

Adolescence is a hard stage. It can be equally difficult for the family. Teens face an increased work load at school, changing social structures, and the process of finding themselves. When there is a challenge that blocks the management of these things, such as lack of executive function skills or anxiety, it can lead to misunderstandings and stress at home and a decrease of success and performance at school. We can help this change.

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