Inspire Your Week: Opportunities

I am a dreamer.  I love to think of all things possible in a given moment or in my life.  Some may say I think a little too much about possibilities.  They are probably right at times {because it can also lead to worry}.  But, I believe it also helps me think about all the hope-filled avenues I can take in life.  Though I do not always have perfect vision in my outlook, my dreaming mind also helps me see the gift of opportunity. 

Opportunity is defined as a "time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something (Source)."  

Opportunities are times you can make possible things a reality.


According to this week's inspiration, life is full of these moments.  But we have to learn to view our circumstances, tasks, daily life this way.  Notice I said learn.  It is not easy to get head out of the clouds or out of the to-do list and see that special moments are constantly happening to us.  As an achiever and one who values efficiency, it is very easy for me look at chores, homework, exercise, and even people as an obligation or something I "have" to do.  So, what would happen if these "haves" turned into "gets?"  

I get to do chores. = I get to see a smile on the face of someone I live with.  I get the opportunity to make someone feel good. 

I get to do homework {I know, I know.  Sounds crazy.} = I get the opportunity to learn something new. And students, know I also have homework as a graduate student, so I feel the pain just as much. 

I get to exercise. = I get to have a healthy body that will take me through years to come.  If your exercise includes going outside, you get to have a break from the four walls of your house or school, you get the opportunity to see beautiful things and interesting people. 

I get time with people. = I get the opportunity to laugh, find out something new about someone, and even talk about my thoughts and feelings, or something I like {this is friendship!}. 

Opportunities are the moments that help us navigate what we believe to be possible for our lives and learn further who we are and what we are born to do. 

In changing the way we see even the small things in life we can start to understand that life is full of times or situations {OPPORTUNITIES} to do something unique, fun, new, positive.  Something that possibly brings a meaningful experience into our lives.  What we view as meaningful will depend on our personal beliefs, gifts, interests, and desires; yet each of us have the chance to experience something each day.  If meaningful experiences exist all around us, even in the things we "have" to do, why not take the opportunity to feel positive about the things we are doing?  Bring in the joy and hope of opportunity rather than the stress and dread of obligation. #InspireYourWeek