Inspire Your Week: Life Giving


Have you ever felt a time when you life was so FULL? You felt joy, love, peace. Have you ever considered that sometimes we rob ourselves of feeling that? Sometimes we allow schedules, to-do lists, the over-abundance of birthday parties and gatherings get the best of us and drain our life of the things that are truly life -giving. The hard part  is the recognization that  the "robber" is ourselves- because no one experiences our lives for us. You are the expert at knowing what activities bring you joy and life and the one who can choose to do them. It's true responsibilities exist and we can't forget about some of those. But maybe the time you decide to sit outside and read a book you've been meaning to get to, or work out really hard, or go meet a friend can fuel you in the times you are needed elsewhere. 

Another thought- Choose to believe and label the things that create your day are fun. They are opportunities, even the mundane. 

And, if this is hard for you... You are not alone. I am there with you, thinking about this in my own life. 

-Sara Smith, Founder and Director