We Moved! Now serving the Lake Geneva, WI community.

While the sunny beaches were very nice, the FAY Center is now offering its services around the peaceful lake views of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin!  In making this area our home, we hope to get acquainted with the greater Walworth County community.  Please check out the services we are currently offering and feel free to reach out.  We would love to meet you and learn more about what you would like to see offered in Walworth County!


Welcome to the FAY Center.

We exist to help your student learn to navigate life in a way that decreases stress and grows esteem through personal connection.


The FAY Center was created with family and youth in mind.  Our mission is to support adolescents and their families in learning skills and tools to thrive successfully as they continue on their unique pathway to learning and developing.  Our core services are offered in a personalized, one-on-one setting with our mission in mind; each student is unique and will want or need unique support.  We can offer that.  Additionally, we offer community or group based programs and events that allow families to come together and teens connect with and learn from one another.  

The FAY Center is not just about tutoring and programming, it is about partnering with teens and their families during a stage of life that can seem so darn overwhelming.  Being a teenager is stressful.  Having a teenager is stressful.  Lets decrease the stress and increase the success.  We look forward to partnering with you!  To learn more about our services, email Sara at sara@faycenter.com.